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History Of Reflexology

A Brief History and Pioneers of the Practice:



Foot reflexology has been welcomed complementary therapy for many people since the 1930’s as the feet are easily accessible and there is no need to undress.  The modern history of reflexology as an art of stress reduction is based on the theory that the body is reflected on the feet in the shape of the body.  This theory was developed by two American physicians, Dr. William FitzGerald and Dr. Joe Shelby Riley, in the 1920’s.  In the 30’s Eunice Ingham brought her work to the people traveling the country speaking of reflexology and wrote, “The Stories the Feet Could Tell.”



Professional Membership Associations:




Standards in education and training are the foundation for the profession recognition of reflexology as a separate modality in the integrative health field by the government and other health care disciplines.  In 1999 the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (ACARET) was established to offer an accreditation process for reflexology curricula and educators.  All three of the organizations are non-profit corporations, not affiliated with any school, instructor, or business.




Credit:  ARCB for Standards


Row Of Feet
Woman's Feet Receiving Foot Massage
Autumn Legs
Reflexology Logo JPG 2.2015
Tiny Feet
Feet in the Ocean
Floating Bubble
Mani Pedi
Newborn Baby Foot
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