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What To Expect...

At your first session you will need to complete a brief health history, thus giving Lynn an indication of your past and current health issues and considerations to guide the amount of pressure needed and areas to focus on in your session.   Each individual has a custom design session!


You will then remove your footwear and lie down to relax on a massage table.  You will also experience the healing properties of far infrared rays, negative ions and amethyst of The BioMat underneath you.


The session begins with a series of relaxing techniques to ease stress and relax the foot. On and off pressure is then applied to every square inch of your feet using the thumb and forefinger. You may drift into an alpha state--a place between wakefulness and sleep. And you may feel delightful sensations in other parts of your body. 


During the session you may chat or rest your body and drift off into a deep sleep. You are encouraged to ask questions at any time before, during, or after your session.  A selection of high-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils are used to create a relaxing environment and peaceful atomsphere.  


A typical session lasts about an hour. Regular sessions are recommended to maintain balance and frequent sessions initially are recommended for clients who are addressing specific health issues. 



Reflexology can be a complement on your path to improving your health

and well-being.

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Woman's Feet Receiving Foot Massage
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