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Client Experiences...

My first visit of reflexology was a gift from a friend and I didn't know what to expect. I found my reflexology session blissful and remarkably effective to coping with the stresses of everyday life.  I would highly recommend Lynn's treatments to anyone who has an ailment of the body, mind or soul.  I can feel the benefits of each session for days afterwards. Reflexology has become a vital part of my life and I look forward to my visit every  3-4 weeks.  

T.R. (Belmont, NC)

My name is Robin R.  I have psoratic arthritis that causes pain in my feet and hands.  I was encouraged to see a reflexologist and have found it to be very helpful with pain management.  It is very relaxing, calming and is now part of my healthcare routine.  It has made a world of difference in my pain management!  I have learned so much about how the feet affect other parts of the body and highly recommend it to my friends all the time.  Hug a reflexologist today!

Robin R. - (Lake Wylie, SC)

Lynn Galbato is an incredibly gifted reflexologist. Not only is it an incredibly relaxing treatment, Lynn has made a huge difference in my health. Within two months of my first visit, my high blood pressure had dropped so much that my physician cut my medicine in half. Other aspects of my health have also improved greatly. I recommend her highly for all types of body issues – including stress reduction. 


M.L. (Belmont, NC)

I started to go for reflexology sessions with Lynn in January 2016, and it was an amazing discovery for me.  I didn't know much about reflexology at the time, but Lynn made me feel comfortable and with every session I would see improvements in my health and stress levels.  My weekly appointment is always the best treatment for me and I look forward to it.

Laura G. (Charlotte, NC)

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Woman's Feet Receiving Foot Massage
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